Dangers And Side Effects Of Splenda

Is Splenda really as safe as the manufacturer wants you to think? Did you know that Splenda or sucralose contains chlorine? Did you know that the longest human study to date on the side effects of Splenda is only 13 weeks and done on 138 people? Did you know that Splenda was discovered by a researcher working on insecticides? Do you think all this is incredible information?

Splenda is an organic chlorinated compound that bears a striking resemblance to biological warfare agents and dangerous insecticides like DDT. If you think you are doing your body good by not eating sugar and using a sugar substitute like Splenda, you need to watch this video by Dr Mercola. Artificial sweeteners are some of the most dangerous so-called “food” substances you can put into your body and you won’t believe how sucralose was discovered.

Fraud and outright deception is prevelant in the food industry, especially when it comes to artificial sweeteners like Splenda. Dr Mercola covers this in the video below and also in his new book Sweet Deception.


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