A Recipe For Healthy Salads

Today’s Healthy Diet Podcast is about the recipe for healthy salads. You can never get enough green leafy vegetables and we let you know how to spice up your salads. Our cat Emily helps us in the kitchen, usually she just begs for lettuce.

Show notes:

  • Raw food is our strongest defense against cancer, but only 1 in 100 people eat enough raw foods and salads.
  • We add everything we can find to our salads. A salad full of vegetables, nuts, raisins, fruit, berries, sprouts and more is normal for us.
  • Proper equipment is essential for preparation. Your kitchen tools should include a mandoline, salad spinner and a sharp knife.
  • Green leaf lettuce, red leaf lettuce, romaine, kale, spinach and other greens all go into our salads. Fifty percent of calories in spinach are protein calories.
  • Other ingredients you can use include carrots, zucchini, onions, herbs, nuts, seeds, raisins, raw corn, strawberries, sprouts, fruits and other berries. Cut ingredients differently to give yourself variety.
  • Eating 2 large salads a day is what we recommend and try to eat. You’ll never go wrong eating too many leafy green veggies. High nutrient density is the key. Avoid cheese and don’t use mayo based salad dressings.
  • Buy organic or local veggies. Locally grown produce will be much fresher because of less travel length. Visit www.organic.org/storefinder to find farmers markets in your area.

Next week: Healthy salad dressings

Alan LeStourgeon

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