ABC’s Extreme Makeover, Papa John’s Pizza & Childhood Obesity

Jean and I love to watch ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition on Sunday night because it is such an uplifting show…usually. On this Sunday’s show the Extreme Makeover design team built an Extreme home for Linda and William Riggins of Raleigh North Carolina, and Papa John’s Pizza added their contribution to childhood obesity.

Ty Pennington and the rest of the team did a bang up job of providing a home for a well deserving family and one that has already given much back to their community. A Makeover was also given to the Building Together Ministries community center that Linda Riggins has served at and help build.

What came next however, was stunning. Papa John’s Pizza got in on the act of charity by what we thought was going to be feeding the kids and volunteers at the community center a meal of pizza and artery clogging bread sticks. But it gets worse, way worse. CEO John Schanatter showed up, joined in on the fun and ended up donating a one year’s supply of pizza to the Building Together Ministries community center, a total value of $10,000. I’m sure cardiac surgeons in the Raleigh, NC area are already hiring staff to handle the influx of new patients in the coming years from this wonderful act of charity.

While one would hardly think twice at the 40 to 50 or so kids and staff enjoying a pizza fest for the afternoon, let’s think about these kids eating a fat laden lunch of cheesy pizza every day for the next year. To help you think, I added up the total fat and sodium content for $10,000 worth of 14″ Garden Fresh pizzas, just in case they were going to stay on the healthy side of this deal. Based on each pizza being $10 and having 8 slices, the kids and staff at the community center will be enjoying 72,000 grams of fat, 20,000 of those being saturated, and 5,440,000 mg or 12 pounds of sodium over the next year.

The contribution ABC, HomeLife Communities and volunteers in the Raleigh have given to the Riggins family in building them a wonderful home and fixing up their community center is a gift that will keep giving for years to come. Unfortunately the gift Papa John’s Pizza has given to childhood obesity will keep giving for years to come as well.


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