Developing Good Health Habits For A Healthy Diet & Lifestyle

On our first Healthy Diet Podcast of the New Year we cover what it takes to develop good health habits. That involves change, easy for some hard for others.

Show notes:

  • Change is difficult for some, but if you want to take charge of your health, change is necessary.
  • Three principles of positive change in your healthy diet and lifestyle.
  • First, all change begins with an awareness there is a problem or an impending problem.
  • Why do you desire change? What are the risks of changing your diet? What are the risks if you don’t change?
  • Some are addicted to food. It’s a slow form of suicide.
  • Second, gain knowledge about the problems and the solutions.
  • Our epiphany came through The China Study by T Colin Campbell. Some good resources are,, Alternative Medicine magazine, .
  • Develop a personal philosophy about your health. What will you eat when a new fad diet comes along? What about cloned animals, will you eat them when they come to market? Decide now.
  • Write down key concepts about your personal health philosophy.
  • Thirdly, translate your new found knowledge into wisdom and action. Make health goals you can stick with and write them down and or get accountability.
  • Plan your meals and make grocery lists so you don’t buy stuff at the store that is unhealthy.

Next week: Medication madness

Alan LeStourgeon

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