Misleading Trend In Prescription Drug Advertising

Should part of your healthy diet include pills?

Last night while watching TV, we saw the usual glut of prescription drug advertisements promising people how much better their lives would be if they would just take the advertised pill. One that caught our attention was an advertisement for one of the cholesterol lowering drugs that I can’t remember right at this instant. It looked like a fairly harmless commercial (for those that take prescription drugs), but Jean pointed out what I had missed.

The lady in the commercial was saying how she had done her part in eating a supposedly healthy diet, as she was preparing what looked to be healthy food. It looked like peas in some kind of a puffed pastry she was pulling from the oven. (I doubt anything in a puffed pastry is good for you.) The deception here, and what I missed, was that the advertisement was in effect telling you that a healthy diet just isn’t enough. In other words, no matter how good your diet is, it isn’t going to cut it, you need our drug to lower your cholesterol.

That is pure bunk! Dr T. Colin Campbell in his landmark book The China Study showed a conclusive link between diet and disease and also showed that rich countries, like the United States, suffer from what Campbell called diseases of affluence. These are diseases like heart disease, clogged arteries, hypertension, obesity and the like, all related to diet.

I know from personal experience that diet alone can reduce your cholesterol by a wide margin as I was able to lower mine from 245 to 150 simply by switching to a mostly raw food diet.

Don’t let these deceptive commercials fool you, in most cases, diet alone is enough to significantly lower your cholesterol.

Try eating a vegan, raw food based diet and see what it does to your cholesterol.


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