FDA Says Cloned Animals OK To Eat

Wonderful wisdom comes from the FDA this week in that they have said they will approve cloned livestock for human consumption. The FDA is basing their decision on their research indicating cloned animals are “virtually indistinguishable” from other animals intended for human consumption.

Probably the biggest hurdle the food industry would face in feeding these animals to the public is a person’s wariness in knowing they have a frankenburger from a cloned animal on their plate. Not to worry though, the FDA has said they will not require labeling of food from cloned animals either. So in one fell swoop, without any tracking of this food through the system to your plate, the government plans to unleash this on the public. Something smells like a cloned fish here.

How will the FDA know there is a problem if indeed one crops up? Cloning animals is still a very young science; do we know the long term effects of generations of these carbon copy critters?

This is the same FDA that gave us Vioxx, resulting in some 40,000 US deaths, Celebrex and Bextra and the same government that gave us the ridiculous food pyramid with all the conflicts of interest on the Food And Nutrition Board. And they want the public to believe cloned animals, that regularly exhibit genetic problems, will not pose any risk to humans.

The FDA is still months away from actually approving cloned cows, chickens, turkeys and the like and having a cloned animal appear on our plate is still years away. These Xerox animals are just too expensive at this point to put them in a Happy Meal.

Cloned animals brought to you by the FDA, in its infinite wisdom, should be food enough to make you switch to a vegan lifestyle.

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Alan LeStourgeon

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