Fast Food & Government Nutrition Propaganda

The food industry, government and fast food restaurants are engaged in propaganda to make money, not to provide nutritious food. We expose the agenda on this week’s Healthy Diet Podcast.

Show notes:

  • Clever slogans abound in the fast food industry, an example from Wendy’s – “Do What Tastes Right”, or Pizza Hut – “Gather Round The Good Stuff”, Yea, right!
  • A new slogan for Burger King, how about – “Burger King, Pass By or Bypass, Have It Your Way!”
  • There’s a McDonald’s on the first floor of Children’s Hospital in Chicago. Isn’t this a bit of a conflict of interest?
  • Government propaganda with the food pyramid. The guidelines are highly suspect and must have been influenced by food industry lobbyists. They state 10 to 35% of our calories should come from protein. Even bodybuilders don’t have near 35% protein in their diets.
  • The Food And Nutrition Board (FNB) even suggests 25% of our energy should come from added sugar. Does this mean it’s okay to eat candy, cakes and pastries. Our tax dollars pay for irresponsible counsel from the government.
  • The China Study author Dr T. Colin Campbell suggests 20 to 22% protein increases the risk of serious disease. Read A Health Disaster In The Making on our web site.
  • A member of the panel that put together these guidelines left for an executive position at the world’s largest food company. Can you say, conflict of interest.
  • Look for our Mostly Vegan 2 Week Meal Planner coming soon.

Next week: To be announced.

Alan LeStourgeon

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