Stomach Stapling For Teens – Insanity From The UK

The UK Observer is reporting that the UK government health organization known as the NIH is recommending obese children as young as 15 be offered radical stomach stapling surgery as a last resort. The consequences, according to the NIH, from not having the stomach stapling surgery may be diabetes and heart disease later in life.

This is just pure insanity and completely irresponsible for any governmental organization to suggest such a drastic measure, especially for underage individuals. Examples like this show why people should not rely on government to run their lives.

The long drawn out name of the NIH is The National Institutes For Health and Clinical Excellence. Their name is a complete misnomer in that, with his recommendation, they are shooting for anything but clinical excellence. Suggesting that teens have their stomachs mutilated instead of recommending nutritional alternatives is just plain ignorant.

Having one’s stomach stapled down to a smaller size is, in effect, just putting a band-aid on the problem of obesity and is typical of the medical solution to treat the symptom instead of the problem. The problem of morbid obesity is poor nutritional habits. Stapling a stomach down to a smaller size won’t cure the problem of the individual eating the wrong kinds of food.

Since the NIH (read taxpayer) is going to have to pay for these surgeries how about another radical approach? Provide or help pay for a retreat where the morbidly obese can get counseling on proper nutrition and they are restricted to only the nutritionally dense food served there. No snacks, no dairy, no cheese, no junk from the food industry only raw living fruits and veggies with a smattering of cooked food. If it’s not on the menu at the retreat, you don’t get to eat it.

When your body gets the nutrition it need old habits die. When you get your stomach stapled all you have is a stapled stomach. There are cases where the stomach has stretched out and the individual is again in the same position, still eating nutritionally void food.

The government is best left protecting us from threats foreign and domestic, not creating them.


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