Healthy Recipes Section Updated

In our last Healthy Diet Podcast blog post I put in a sentence that was supposed to link to the healthy recipe section of our web site, but I forgot to include the link. Unfortunately I can’t go back and correct it because with the podcasting plug-in I’m using, it then removes our feed from the podcast directories we are listed in.

Anyway, we have added several recipes in the last few weeks that I wanted to make you aware of. Jean had a writing marathon a couple of weeks ago in preperation for our Meal Planner we are working on and she wrote an article for about 7 or 8 recipes in one afternoon. So, here are a few of them:

Vegan Cookie Recipe
This is an oatmeal cookie that tastes better then most anything you can get at your local grocery, and of course, there aren’t any animal products in it.

Garlic Mashed Potatoes
I love mashed potatoes but usually they are full of butter, cream, milk and more, not these.

Roasted Potatoes
Yes, I love potatoes and these two recipes are some of the only cooked foods you will find on our site, wait, I do think we have a pasta recipe in there somewhere. My favorite potatoes are called creamers and they are little potatoes about the size of an ice cube that are great when roasted in the oven with garlic and rosemary.

Sprouted Grain Bread
Believe it or not here’s a bread recipe that uses only one ingredient and is slow cooked at a low temperature in the crock pot so it’s still full of living enzymes.

Spinach Soup Recipe
Here’s a delicious raw spinach soup recipe that will blow you away it’s so good. I think Popeye was on to something.

There are many more recipes on our healthy recipe page that I know you will love and you will love knowing they are healthy for you. Tomorrow on our podcast we’re going to talk about holiday recipes and offer some alternative to the usual fattening fare found and many Christmas parties.

Tune in tomorrow.


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