Big Medicine Isn’t Concerned About Healthy Diets

You would think with all the evidence available today about fast food being bad for you, the medical establishment in this country would catch a clue. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the case at Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago. Believe it or not, there is actually a full service McDonald’s on the main floor of the hospital.

I heard this on the news while riding around this morning and was astounded! We have a childhood obesity epidemic plaguing our nation thanks to fast food junk houses like McDonald’s and the very institutions that are supposed to be curing our kids, are in bed with the same people that are making them sick. This makes me sick!

The byline on the logo at the top of Children’s Memorial Hospital’s web site states, “Where kids come first.” Oh really, is that the philosophy of the hospital or McDonald’s? Maybe it should read, “Where profits come first.”

While kids are upstairs getting deadly chemicals poured into their veins their parents are downstairs grabbing a happy meal to further poison them with.

But wait, there’s more…

To further add to the hypocrisy of Children’s Hospital, on their research page they have a link out to the Consortium To Lower Obesity In Chicago Children. Here’s a research tip for Children’s Hospital and CTLOICC, listen to our podcast on the documentary Supersize Me and then watch the movie. Then tell McD’s to take a hike.

How much more evidence does one need to show that the medical establishment doesn’t have a clue about nutrition?

Alan LeStourgeon

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