The Acai Berry, Functional Beverages & Your Diet

You may have heard of the acai berry or any of the other phytonutrient drinks like mangosteen, goji or noni and other exotic fruits. Functional beverages and your healthy diet is our topic today.

Show notes:

  • What is a functional beverage? – A drink that has specific ingredients to target certain conditions.
  • These exotic fruits have supposedly high ORAC scores and are high in anti-oxidants fighting free radicals.
  • The ORAC score is for the ingredient itself, not the beverage it goes into. How much of the specific ingredient actually ends up in these drinks? No one is telling.
  • When you read literature about these drinks, make sure you read all of it, not just the headlines.
  • Oprah has the Acai berry listed as her #1 choice as a superfood.
  • The reality is that there is no short cut to good health. You can make your own functional beverages like, wheat grass, carrot juice and fruit smoothies with kale or parsley.
  • Eating right can have the same effect as these drinks. Start slow if you can’t go cold turkey and eat raw. Have some raw food every day to start.
  • These juices don’t make you well if you have a bad diet. Study these functional beverages. They may be good, but ask the right questions to get the info about the ingredients.

Next week: Holiday food recipes.

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Alan LeStourgeon

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