Urban Sprouts Is Doing Something About Teen Obesity

Urban Sprouts was the featured blog on the front page of Blogger.com today and I just wanted to commend them for the great work they are doing.

Teen obesity is a big problem and apparently it is really bad in California. At the 4 San Francisco public schools where Urban Sprouts has implemented their program 50% of kids are overweight and 93% are considered unfit. In part we can thank the food industry and the soda industry for their contribution to the problem. They get kids hooked on soda, chicken McMaggots and all sorts of junk food and Urban Sprouts is trying to undo that epidemic.

According to their blog the Urban Sprouts program teaches “youth to grow, harvest, prepare and eat vegetables from the school garden, in order to help youth actively engage in school, eat better and exercise more, and connect with the environment and each other.” Not only are these kids growing and eating vegetables they are organic veggies. What a refreshing alternative this program is for our youth¬†as¬†opposed to what we call the SAD or Standard American Diet.

These young kids involved in Urban Sprouts can look forward to a much healthier future and lifestyle than what the majority of our youth will experience.

Please visit their web site and if you are so inclined, make a donation to help their program. Who knows, your donation might help ease the health care crisis in the United States. Programs like this are better than any health care plan that comes from Washington because this is health care, not symptom treatment.

Alan LeStourgeon

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