Are You Dying Of Thirst?

When I was out for my walk this morning I noticed something about my neighbors. Today is recycling day in our hood so everyone had their bins out doing their thing for the planet, too bad they aren’t doing good for their bodies.

Recycle bins tell the story of what your neighbors are drinking, reading and eating, maybe what the family pets are eating as well. I pass probably around 30 to 40 houses on my little 2 mile walk around the neighborhood and something I noticed was there aren’t many people drinking just water. In fact I only passed by one house where the only thing in their bottle bin was nothing but water bottles. The rest of my neighbors have an assortment of beer, soda, wine and various other wicked concoctions.

This was of course a very unscientific study, but if our neighborhood is any indication of the way things are, I would say most people are dying of thirst. Most everyone knows the standard requirement for water intake for the average adult is 8 – 8 ounce glasses of water per day, I don’t think many people are getting close to that requirement. The requirement is for water, plain water, no flavors, fillers, enhancers, sports drinks and on, and on, just plain water. 

Your body needs to be hydrated properly to flush out your system and bring moisture to your cells. When the liquids you consume are filled full of coffee, sugar, beer, artificial preservatives, and everything else in the liquid chemistry sets we drink our kidneys have to work overtime to clean up all that junk.

The easiest place to start on waight loss and your healthy diet is to get rid if the junk you drink and drink plain water. You can get 24-20oz bottles of water at Wal-Mart for less than you can get a six pack of beer. It really is simple to be healthy to your body and give it what it really needs.

Remember our motto – Eat Healthy, Be healthy.

Alan LeStourgeon

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