The Truth About Milk And Your Health

This week on the Healthy Diet Podcast we shed some light on the truth about cow’s milk and how it is linked to many diseases.

Show notes:

  • Doctors are still telling parents to give their newborn babies lots of milk even though there’s ample evidence milk is linked to serious health problems.
  • We used to drink milk and thought we were being healthy when we started drinking skim or 1% milk.
  • Big controversy between medical community and alternative health community on cow’s milk.
  • Milk is rich in calcium, but it is also rich in phosphorus which prevents the absorption of calcium.
  • How much calcium do we need? The National Academy of Science says 800 mg per day, the UK says 500 mg and the World Health Organization or WHO says 400-500 mg per day. So which is it?
  • Milk is linked to many common diseases. Dr Frank Oski wrote Don’t Drink Your Milk. We explain how milk may cause disease.
  • How do we get our calcium? Broccoli, leafy green vegetables, kale and legumes are rich in calcium.
  • Higher protein diets are linked to calcium loss.
  • Marinated Kale from The Health Station Jungle restaurant in Indialantic Beach Florida.

Next week: We will be off next week. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Alan LeStourgeon

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