Food Propaganda And Your Healthy Diet

Sorry we won’t have a healthy diet podcast tomorrow because Jean is giving a seminar all this week. However, as of today I’m starting a series on food propaganda that will touch on how restaurants and the food industry manipulates us into thinking the food they are making is actually good for us.

Let’s start with Pizza Hut. Although this ad campaign has been out for some time, I’ve just started noticing the commercials. Pizza Hut has what they call a Fit’n Delicious Menu that features a selection of pizzas that have half the cheese, more veggies and less fat than regular pizzas. The Fit’n Delicious menu also features a 6″ Carbtracker pizza I assume for those on the deadly Atkins Diet.

The problem with these 6″ personal pizzas is that while they may be delicious, they are a far cry from being fit. The Meat Lovers 6″ pizza is a nutritional disaster area, only trained rescue personnel should be allowed near one. This artery-clogging lump of dead food contains nearly an entire day’s worth of sodium and saturated fat. The recommended intake of sodium for the average¬†adult is 2,500mg and the intake of saturated fat is recommended at 20 grams. The Meat Lover’s Fit’n Delicious pizza contains 2,170 mg of sodium and 19 grams of saturated fat. Maybe a good marketing technique for the Hut would be to say you can get a complete day’s worth of everything you need in one pizza.

I can already hear the Atkins proponents saying, “But it only has 41 grams of carbs!” That’s the problem with Atkins type diets, because these diets concentrate only on the amount of carbs in the diet instead of overall healthiness, adherents believe they can eat what ever they want. A glass of battery acid isn’t good for you just because it doesn’t contain any carbohydrates.

I would recommend staying away from the Fit’n Delicious menu at Pizza Hut. For that matter, I would recommend staying away from Pizza Hut altogether, unless the one you go to is near a good cardiac care center.

Alan LeStourgeon

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