Your Diet With Acid & Alkaline Foods

Today’s Healthy Diet Podcast covers the difference between acidic and alkaline foods and why your body needs to be in a slightly alkaline state.

Show notes:

  • Thanks to our listeners for taking the time to listen to us each and every week.
  • Why haven’t we heard about the acidic and alkaline food concept? Why don’t health professionals talk about getting your body into the alkaline state? Jean’s dentist knows about this. Read our article on acidic and alkaline foods here.
  • This info about alkalinity is just beginning to filter into mainstream medicine.
  • Jean explains what alkalinity means, disease and the ph of our bodies. Your body tries to get itself into an alkaline state. When you don’t feed it properly, it get its nutrients from your bones and tissue. This can cause osteoporosis and other problems.
  • Eighty percent of the foods we eat should be alkaline producing when digested. Cooked food is always acidic producing when digested.
  • Foods to avoid: meat, fish, dairy, most grains, caffeine, pastas, sodas, canned juices.
  • A great recipe we had at The Health Station & Jungle Restaurant in Indialantic Beach Florida. This recipe uses a spinach pesto recipe sort of like the one we have on our web site.

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Alan LeStourgeon

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