Sugar Substitutes And Your Healthy Diet

We are inundated with foods containing various sugar substitutes and that’s what we talk about on this week’s Healthy Diet Podcast.

Show notes:

  • Obesity is on the rise, so the food industry concentrates on sugar substitutes instead of good nutrition.
  • A former President of the FDA was charged with a conflict of interest for owning stocks in the food industry.
  • Why is there such a focus on sweeteners to promote weight loss and better health instead of focusing on good nutrition? The American Diabetic Association promotes NutraSweet as a safe alternative to sugars…is that a little fishy?
  • The problems with artificial sweeteners – The main problem is that they just give people an excuse to eat poorly.
  • Remember aerosol cheese? That certainly wasn’t real food!
  • Aspartate the main ingredient in NutraSweet has been shown to kill brain cells.
  • Dr Janet Hull’s web site and the story of her life threatening hyperthyroidism
  • Healthy recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth in a healthy way.
  • You can use dates and raisins as a sweetener in many different recipes.

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Alan LeStourgeon

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