The Spinach Ecoli 0157:h7 Scare of 2006

After a one week absence, the Healthy Diet Podcast for this week is about the recent spinach food poisoning scare with ecoli 0157:h7.

Show notes:

  • Spinach was taken off the shelves of grocery stores across the country because of an ecoli outbreak. Conventional, organic, etc., it didn’t matter.
  • Article about spinach by Nina Planck – Ecoli is very common and only one strain 0157:h7 is very dangerous and is not killed by stomach acid as other ecoli is.
  • Ecoli never originates in produce, the source is secondary. It comes from cows fed on grain instead of their natural diet, grass.
  • When cattle are fed their natural diet, the incidence of 0157 is reduce by 1,000 times. Now there’s a solution! Hello cattle industry!
  • Spinach has received a bad rap in the past, canned spinach is mushy, (even though Alan likes it) fresh spinach is great!
  • Spinach recipes on our healthy diet web siteSpinach pesto, yummy!
  • Spinach is fragile, handle with care. Don’t cook it in aluminum cookware.

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Alan LeStourgeon

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