A Raw Food Diet And The Athlete

The Healthy Diet Podcast this week is about exercise, the athlete and a healthy raw food diet.

Show notes:

  • Don’t athletes need more energy than a raw diet or vegan lifestyle can provide? Testimonies from or about vegan athletes.
  • Is animal protein necessary for strength and endurance? Elephants, Silverback gorillas, cows are all herbivores.
  • We can get enough protein from plant sources believe it or not.
  • Carl Lewis, Dr. Ruth Hedrich, Pat Reeves and Victoria from Maine are all vegans and well-conditioned athletes. Victoria loves our faux tuna salad.
  • Ruth Hedrich’s Web Site, Pat Reeve’s Web Site
  • We’ve lost our desire for the usual animal based diet and aren’t even interested in the deli counter at Publix any longer.
  • There is ample evidence that food is our medicine and ultimate nourishment

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Alan LeStourgeon

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