Healthy Eating On Vacation

We have a short version of the Healthy Diet Podcast this week because we will be on vacation. Don’t miss it though, we talk about making good healthy diet choices while vacationing.

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Show notes:

  • The importance of taking a vacation and getting away from it all.
  • We fell off the wagon, or jumped out of the car, on our 1996 vacation to Maine because we didn’t have a nutritional plan.
  • We’ve made a plan for this vacation. Talk about what you are going to eat when you are taking a break. Panera has great salads. You don’t have to eat the standard fixins in a sandwich or salad, ask for it to be custom made minus the mayo and cheese.
  • Take a day after your vacation to rest, get organized and go food shopping. If you’re going on a short trip, stock the fridge and pantry before you leave.

Next week: Exercise

Alan LeStourgeon

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