Vitamins And A Healthy Diet

Vitamins and supplements are the subject of this week’s show. Do we really need to take vitamins to be healthy? Find out more.

Show notes:

  • Supplements and vitamins are confusing. What should you buy, what ingredients, what dosages, why do you need them? Do you need vitamins in the first place?
  • Three kinds of vitamins available: Natural, crystalline, synthetic. Natural vitamins state the food from which the supplement is derived.
  • Bioavailability – Can your body utilize the vitamins and nutrients in your supplements? Rocks have lots of minerals but the ingredients are not bioavailable, not even to my old dog Ginger.
  • High concentration nutrients are not available in nature as they are in vitamins.
  • Vitamins are best utilized when taken in their natural forms like natural foods. Isolated vitamins taken out of foods without their synergistic components aren’t that effective.
  • Infinity 2 Supplements Comparison paper.
  • Eating a raw food diet is much better than trying to get your nutrients from vitamins supplements.

Next week: Exercise

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Alan LeStourgeon

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