Healthy Living And Exercise With Jack Lalanne

This week we actually confirm that Jack Lalanne is still alive. It’s true, and he’s still going 100 mph.

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Show notes:

  • Jack Lalanne is the original fitness and healthy diet guru. Was big in the 50’s, 60’s & 70’s. He’s 91 and still going strong.
  • Jack was talking about good nutrition back in the 1930’s when no one else was.
  • Jack Lalanne was addicted to sugar and heard Paul Bragg (Bragg’s Aminos) speak on good nutrition at the age of 15. This completely changed his life.
  • Jack has not missed a daily workout or had a sugary dessert since the 1930’s.
  • The fitness revolution didn’t get off to a good start. Jack’s exercise programs were thought to be harmful.
  • Jack Lalanne developed a lot of the exercise equipment used in gyms today. He invented the leg extension machine and cable machines.
  • He doesn’t believe we should be praying to God for our health and then eat poorly. He believes diseases are largely preventable by what we eat.

Next week: Exercise and/or Supplements

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Alan LeStourgeon

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