Healthy Diets At ACAS In Appleton Wisconsin

This week’s Healthy Diet Podcast is about the healthy diet and mindset implemented at Appleton Central Alternative Charter School in Appleton Wisconsin.

Show notes:

  • The sad state of our children’s health. The Fat epidemic is reaching children 37% of children are obese, 500% increase in Rx drugs for ADHD since 1991.
  • Central Alternative Charter School improved the diets and physical activity of their students. Natural Ovens helped implement the program.
  • ACAS made a commitment to nutrition, removed all processed foods from their school, no sodas, candy, no junk food is allowed in the school. Healthy food choices are the norm. Healthy choices are also marketed to students.
  • Unfortunately, addictive junk food is served in most public schools today.
  • The fast food and sift drink industry has a foothold in our schools and schools are trading students health for a few dollars.
  • There are major positive changes for the students in the Central Alternative Charter School.
  • What implications does this have for our public schools in general?
  • Our complements to Natural Ovens and Appleton Central Alternative Charter School!

Next week: Jack Lalanne.

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Alan LeStourgeon

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