Food Propaganda And A Healthy Diet

For this week’s episode of the Healthy Diet Podcast we talk about propaganda in the food industry. When it comes to all natural food, things are not as they seem.

Show notes:

  • Companies are making they’re foods seem as though they are healthy and natural when they’re not.
  • 7-Up – It’s all-natural now, whoopee! Marketing makes it look as though 7-Up is grown on trees.
  • Energy bars – There’s an energy bar craze today. Are they really healthy or are they just glorified candy bars. The only good ones are Odwalla bars and Green’s Plus Energy Bars. Or make your own energy bars.
  • Organic Gin – Give me a break! They are worried that chemicals used in conventional farming are harmful to the central nervous system. Really, what about the gin they make?
  • Ensure – Canned, liquid junk food for seniors! Why are we feeding this crud to seniors?
  • Conventional foods and magazines in health food stores. Educate yourself to avoid being tricked by this propaganda.
  • Fast food restaurants, some are good most aren’t. Panera, Atlanta Bread, Jason’s Deli are good, but look at the menu. Get a salad or maybe a veggie sandwich.
  • See the documentary Supersize Me!

Next week: Some in depth info on the documentary Supersize Me.

Alan LeStourgeon

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