Our Healthy Diet Web Site www.ezHealthyDiet.com

During this week’s episode Jean and I talk about our web site at www.ezhealthydiet.com

Show notes:

  • The reason we started our healthy diet web site. We wanted to let people know how to take control of their own health.
  • When we started our web site: October 2005
  • While on the Hallelujah Diet in 1996 Alan’s cholesterol dropped 60 points.
  • The 3 sections of our web site: What’s In Our KitchenHealthy RecipesHealthy Diet Store including Fitness Equipment
  • It’s really worth spending the extra money to buy organic produce
  • Favorite Recipes: Easy Chili Recipe, Homemade Raw Marinara Sauce, Green Smoothies
  • Should we change our motto to Eat Healthy, Be Healthy and Exercise?
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Next week: Food propaganda and what you might find in your local ‘health food’ store.

Alan LeStourgeon

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