Sprouting For Your Healthy Diet

This week we talk about sprouting, what it is, how we do it and the benefits. Find out more on our sprouting page at our healthy diet web site.

Show notes:

  • What is sprouting? A great way to get the most nutrition from your food.
  • Did the Little Rascals sprout? Their names suggest they might have.
  • Sprouting is like micro farming. Planting to harvest is about 4 days.
  • What do we sprout? What kinds of seeds do we use?
  • The process of sprouting and the equipment used.
  • Soak, rinse, drain. Sprouts MUST be rinsed 3 times per day.
  • What do we put sprouts on and in?
  • Where do we get our seeds? More info on our sprouting page.
  • Grand opening of Abundant Life CafĂ© and Market in Palm Bay Florida.
  • Next week: faux recipes.

Alan LeStourgeon

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