Healthy Diet and Protein Myths

We’d like to thank you for listening in last week and making our first healthy diet podcast a success. We had over 125 listeners to our first show so, thanks for taking the time to see what the podcast was about.

This week we talk about protein myths. Visit our healthy diet web site for more information.

Show notes:

  • Protein myths – the amount or protein needed and the sources of protein.
  • We get most of our info from The China Study by T Colin Campbell.
  • The China Study is the Grand Prix of Epidemiology. Shows conclusively evidence that eating a animal based diet is linked to all kinds of chronic disease.
  • The amount of protein we need in our diet is a myth. The Atkins Diet.
  • 100 or more years ago meat was seen as a sign of affluence.
  • Plants are good sources of protein.
  • Complete proteins – We don’t need to get all of our protein from one source.
  • Some complete proteins from plants. Note: We mention spinach in this segment but it is not a complete source of protein.
  • Good examples from the animal kingdom of plant eaters, cows and Gorillas.
  • Eating a raw food, plant based diet is much healthier.
  • Next week we’ll cover some of the things we eat and mention a few of our recipes.


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