Healthy Diet Podcast Goes Live

We are Alan and Jean LeStourgeon and we want to welcome you to our first healthy diet podcast. We are passionate about health and want to share that with you and talk about what the components of a healthy diet and lifestyle are. You can go to for more information.

Show notes:

  • What the podcast is about. Eating raw food is the best way to go.
  • Our motto is Eat Healthy, Be Healthy
  • A healthy diet isn’t complicated. It’s about lifestyle, not dieting.
  • 5 Things needed for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Report on propaganda in the food industry.
  • Eating food in its most natural form is a good rule to follow.
  • Food is the fuel that powers our bodies. You wouldn’t put sugar in your car’s gas tank, so why would you put lots of it in your body. Raw food is the best fuel for your body because it is loaded with energy.
  • There isn’t any need to count calories and fat being on a raw diet.
  • 5 things needed for a healthy lifestyle are raw food, pure water, fresh clean air, plenty of sunshine, a good amount of exercise.
  • Exercise is important and it takes more than getting off the couch to go to the fridge to count as exercise.
  • Lymph system removes the waste from our bodies. We need to exercise to make it work.
  • Texas Double Whopper commercial. View it at the Burger King site here. (click on Explore BK and the BK Cinema)
  • We’ll talk about milk and protein next week.


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